10 Things To Know – March 1

1.     Sexytimes IN SPAAAAACE – Traditional cruises not doing it for you and your special one? One lucky couple could go on a 501 day trip to Mars and back. – Interesting Things

2.     Not sure how I feel about that – U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann votes against Violence Against Women Act. – Star Tribune

3.     It’s where we get our TV anyways – Google starts using unused TV spectrum for wireless networks. – ARS Technica

4.     But don’t throw your computer in the pool – Tech teams are working to decrease servers’ cooling costs by cooling them in liquid. – Geek.com

5.     Because everything fun costs more – AT&T has announced tethering fees for customers to use Google Glass – fees large enough to possibly decrease numbers of early adopters. – Adaptive Glass

6.     “Mind Meld” countries away – Scientists have sent brain signals from a rat in Brazil to a rat in the U.S. – Reuters

7.     I’m holding out for 5D – Scientists at MIT working on 4D printers – objects that make themselves. What could go wrong?! – BBC

8.     Gotta love Seattle – Mayor speaks in support of the new law legalizing marijuana. – Seattle PI

9.     Not cool guys – An internal investigation at Madigan Army Medical Center on whether or not PTSD diagnosis were being overturned in an effort to save taxpayer’s money, has finished and the results sealed, refusing a public explanation. – The Atlantic Wire

10.     But they’re expensive – Obama pushing to end a special tax loophole that gives tax breaks to those who own corporate jets. – The Raw Story

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Jenn is from Carnation, WA and is pursuing a BFA in Theatre Tech & Design, focusing on lighting design, and a BA in Electronic Media & Communication, focusing on visual communication. She is eagerly anticipating graduating in May 2015. She hopes to use her experience and two degrees to pursue a career in the television production industry.

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