10 Things To Know

1. Yall Come Back Now: Jeb Bush has uncovered his new six-point plan for immigration reform. Fox News

2. A Star is Born: After making a game-winning shot in his high school basketball game stretching about 55 feet from the basket, Khalil Edney’s life has taken an extreme turn. NY Times

3. Come As You Are: Get your first listen to the documentary, “Sound City: Real to Reel” directed by Dave Grohl. NPR

4. Pave The Way: A new company called Pave is attempting to offer students and young professionals a way to pursue their passions without relying on traditional bank loans. USA Today

5. Mister Pfister: Rebecca Hall is set to play opposite Johnny Dep in the new Sci-Fi film, “Transcendence,” directed by Wally Pfister. JoBlo

6. Can’t Wait to be King: Melissa King, former beauty queen, has warrants out for her arrest. Outside of all the allegations of pornography. Huffington Post

7. Harder to Breath: Chavez’s respiratory situation is not getting any better or easier to deal with. Buzzfeed

8. Case Dismissed: Ex-police chief, Jeff Eley, is under scrutiny for dismissing a ticket intended for a congressional aide. LA Times

9. Dex is Next: The TV series “Dexter” is coming to an end after eight seasons. E! News

10. It’s a Waiting Game: Kenya is waiting for the results of their presidential election after casting their ballots Monday. BBC News

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