The Devils Return — Tonight At 5 P.M.

Join me and Dr. K from the College of Media and Communication on KTXT “The Raider” 88.1-FM  for the first episode of The Devil’s Advocate! A political satire show in the likeness of Bill O’Reilley and Jon Stewart, we know-it-alls butt heads over the radio waves to help teach YOU the ins and outs of all the good arguments, so you can challenge others to know what the heck they’re talking about before they open their mouths next time.

Today’s topics: The State of the Union address ft. Pres. “B-Rock” Obama and Sen. Marco “The Guzzler” Rubio AND the Student Government Association‘s plans for the future, with Sen. Matt Pippen (Eng.), a veteran Senator and President Pro-Tempore of the legislative body. Matt has authored, co-authored, and sponsored numerous pieces of legislation in his time in the Senate, and is currently the chairman of the Campus Infrastructure committee.

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