Texas Tech Basketball Falls To OSU

The Texas Tech men’s basketball team fell to Oklahoma State on Wednesday night with a final score of 91-67. Tech’s leading scorer, Dusty Hannahs, had 14 points, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with OSU.

Markel Brown led the Cowboys with 25 points, and Michael Cobbins earned his first career double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

In the beginning of the first half, Brown came out on fire and made 7 out of his 8 three-point shot attempts. He said he thinks the reason he made those shots was because he likes the basketballs used at Texas Tech.

“They switched the balls up last year, and I like the feel of the ball,” Brown said. “But other than that I think it’s my teammates. They did a good job of finding me, and I was shooting the ball with confidence.”

Cobbins said his double-double could not have taken place at a better time because he is originally from Lubbock, and he had a lot of family members at the game.

“I give the credit to my teammates just finding me at open places and the extra effort that has gone into trying to do it,” Cobbins said.

OSU head coach Travis Ford said he thinks Cobbins is their team’s MVP.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll stand by it,” Ford said. “Michael Cobbins is really playing some big-time basketball for us right now.”

Ford said he is happy with the way his team started the game and executed plays on both ends of the court.

Tech’s Josh Gray said he thinks his team went into the game without being mentally prepared.

“I think we came into the game and weren’t focused, and it got out of hand quick,” Gray said. “We were playing against a great team, and that’s what happens when you play a good team and aren’t focused.”

Dejan Kravic said the outcome of Wednesday night’s game was crushing for him.

“We dug ourselves into a deep hole, and they just kept making shots,” Kravic said. “We just know what we’re capable of, so when an outcome like that occurs it’s just really disappointing to us, and we feel like we let some people down because we know we’re better than that.”

Texas Tech head coach Chris Walker said he was impressed with OSU’s performance and thinks they came out and played fearlessly.

“We had no sense of urgency, and they did a great job of attacking us,” Walker said. “When we get behind, a small margin of error becomes a chasm very quickly.

Walker said he thought his team could have played a little bit harder, and he said he plans to work on that with them.

“We’ve just got to continue to work,” Walker said. “We need to continue to be as competitive as we can, and we need to be tougher.”

Walker said he thinks OSU is a solid team, and he hopes to play them again in the future.

“Our guys are never going to die, they’re going to keep playing,” he said. “We just have to be guys that play hard and come out and compete in every single game. Right now, that is our challenge, not the other team. They want to win, they just don’t know how to win.”

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