Students Share Thoughts On TechAlert!

When student Lacey Hamlin received the first TechAlert! message about a gas leak on Glenna Goodacre Boulevard and University Avenue on Jan. 31, her mother called soon after.

Students and faculty are automatically entered into Tech’s Emergency Notification Database, but parents and others can receive alerts as well.

“It was nice to be notified,” said Hamlin, a sophomore psychology major from Plainview.
Daniel Zidell, a senior philosophy major from Dallas, agreed.

“It was fine,” he said. “I received the alert. It was very informative.”

Both students said they preferred notifications by email instead of those by text message.

“Emails, I use them frequently and they really do work,” Zidell said. “The text message might be a little excessive.”
Hamlin said she constantly checks her email and would have preferred less notifications.

“Maybe a fewer emails but it was a good amount,” she said.

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