SGA PR Director On Memo

I sat down with the public relations director of the Student Government Association today, and we had a lengthy discussion about the different aspects that the PR department for SGA is taking on this year, including the hot topic of the memorandum previously reported about Senators’ interactions with the media.

Director Zach Haber, a senior media strategies major from McKinney, Texas, has had the position since sworn in during January. He inherits the position from graduate Sara Krueger, who he explained had began some of the things that he plans to grow on in the spring. The memorandum, however, was something that he put public in order to get the message across — that the PR department is, in fact, just an optional resource for the Senate to use, rather than obligatory presence for the PR staff in all media situations.

This is only a five-minute edit of a twenty-minute interview, edited for time and content.

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