Remembering Ann McGuffey

On Monday, the women of Zeta Tau Alpha held a memorial service of remembrance for Ann McGuffey, who passed away from a sudden illness Feb. 8.

McGuffey was a freshman majoring in pre-public relations in the College of Media and Communication.

Many professors from the College of Media and Communication were in attendance including the Dean of the college, Jerry Hudson, university Chancellor Kent Hance, and several people  from Texas Tech’s Greek and non-Greek community. The service took place in the center of TeThe initial image of Memorial Circle before the service began. ch’s Memorial Circle at 6 p.m.

Chancellor Hance spoke on behalf of Zeta and McGuffey by saying what a wonderful individual the freshman had been, and how lucky the chapter was to have her while they did.

Quiet, muffled sobs could be heard throughout the service, accompanied by memorable stories told by McGuffey’s sorority sisters.

Ali Childers, junior public relations major and attendee of the service, said she would describe the service to be sad, but also uplifting.

“It was more of a celebration of her life and who she was,” said Childers.Half of the crowd remaining after the service.

She continued to say how amazing the women of Zeta are and how it is so humbling to know the Greek community is so caring as a whole. Childers said it was especially noticeable during McGuffey’s memorial service.

“There were over 200 people in attendance,” she said.

Alyssa Craig, president of Texas Tech Zeta Tau Alpha, said when she initially heard about M

cGuffey passing away, she instantly felt pain and sorrow in regards to the news.

Craig said McGuffey was well known through out her pledge class, and will always be remembered for her contagious smile. Craig said many would describe hRoses left by the women in McGuffey's Pledge as ‘a bundle of joy’ due to McGuffey’s outgoing personality.

During the service, it was apparent how close McGuffey was to her Zeta sisters. After a prayer was said, fellow members of her pledge class placed a single red rose in a vase. Needless to say, there were more than a dozen roses.



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