It's Getting Hot In Here

According to E! News Online, the 85th annual Academy Awards were viewed by more than 40 million viewers on Sunday night. Many who watched the Oscars were blowing up Twitter in regards to which nominees looked hot and which did not.

This being said, there may be a way to be blessed with a body similar to Jennifer Lawrence or Halle Berry by the time Spring Break rolls around.

Have no fear. Hot yoga is here.

Augusta Neal, Texas Tech senior advertising major from Carslbad, N.M., said her first hot yoga session was eventful.

“About 45 minutes into the session, I may have slightly passed out and had to leave the room,” she said. “Even still, I want to get a 10-class pass to hot yoga.”

Neal said she felt really good about herself after the session, and it was a helpful stress reliever.

She said there was also some drive behind wanting to attend hot yoga in the first place. Neal said her mom has participated in the exercise class as well.

“I thought, if she can do it then I can do it, too,” said Neal.

Hot yoga is not just a fitness activity college students are taking advantage of.

Andrea Wilson, a 26-year-old teacher at Lubbock-Cooper South Elementary, said her sister started doing hot yoga in her hometown of Midlothian, and thought it would be interesting to see if anywhere in Lubbock offered a similar class.

Wilson said after getting a recommendation from a tutor at work, she discovered The Yoga Stand.

She said after her hot yoga session, she was pleased to find the exercise was everything she thought and wanted it to be.

“I loved it and definitely felt like it was something that not only worked me out, but helped with stress,” said Wilson. “I knew right from the start that this was something I would continue to do.”

Wilson described a typical hot yoga session to be peaceful.

She said the class begins with yoga music playing as people enter the room and the temperature is between 85 to 90 degrees. She said once the class begins, the music is turned off and lots of sweating takes place.

Wilson said some of the yoga poses consist of up dog, down dog, tree pose, and eagle pose. She said the hour is wrapped up with a cool down; which usually includes a child pose or a happy baby pose.

Wilson said that without a doubt, she would recommend hot yoga to anyone; regardless of how athletic they are.

“It’s a great workout,” she said. “You’ll definitely be sore the next few days and feel a little more relaxed than when you came in. It’s honestly really cleansing just to sweat that much.”

Needless to say, she said, bringing water is a must.

So whether you want that Oscar-nominee-ready body, a college student who’s looking to get a break from studying, or an adult who needs relief from work, hot yoga could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

“If anyone is thinking of doing it, don’t wait and don’t be scared,” said Wilson. “You will definitely not regret it.”

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