Gas Explosion At CASNR Annex

Update (8:10 a.m., 2/28) – Tech work crews have contained and begun repairing the gas lines inside of the CASNR Annex building. The building will be closed off from classes and students for “probably the next few days” according to the crew lead.

(10:15 p.m., 2/27) At around 9:30 p.m. tonight, a small gas explosion blew a hole in a wall behind a refrigerator in the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources Annex building on 15th Street.

Students inside but across the building said the only way they knew there was a problem was all the flashing lights outside.

Police and three fire engines were brought in to assess the situation, cordoned off the area, and investigated the building for damage or potential further threats. Traffic was blocked near the library at 15th Street and Boston Avenue, and Flint Street, and passerbys were directed to walk around the long way by the English and Philosophy building to avoid being in the area.

The scent of gas permeated as far as the College of Media and Communication and the Southwest Collection building. Director of Communication Chris Cook released that there were no injuries reported from the accident.


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