Devil's Advocate – Behind the Scenes (Feb. 13, 2013)

While we were scripting, recording, and post-producing the Devil’s Advocate for Feb. 13, we decided to have a little fun. We took one video camera into the studio with us, took some silly video, then handed it off to one of our senior producers, Colin Neibergall, for some hands-on fun with filming. A lot of the shots are his.

Featured in the video are Dr. Kelly Kaufhold and myself as hosts, Matt Pippen as a guest, and Christine Copeland, Colin Neibergall, and Bianca Yarborough as our producers, with a guest appearance from D.G., the station’s general manager.

Dr. K’s going to hate this video — he hates shaky camera. Well, so do we — usually. But this was fun.

Deal with it.

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  1. Nice shaky camera. You had one job.

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