10 Things To Know – Snowy Edition!

1. Thanks, Captain Obvious – Texas Tech is closed today due to BLIZZARD CONDITIONS. Classes will resume tomorrow, but stay off the roads! TTU ECC

2. And the Oscar Goes To…!Argo, Jennifer Lawrence, and Adele — oh my! Among many others, of course. If you missed them (like I did), go check them out! The Academy Awards

3. Texquestration – The White House has released estimates of the impact sequestration could have on the individual states, including Texas, if Congress doesn’t break deadlock by March 1. Among the heaviest hit will be education, public safety, and defense. The White House

4. Castro For Five More – Raul Castro, the leader of Cuba in Fidel’s wake, has announced he will only lead the island nation until 2018. What then? No sé, amigo. Christian Science Monitor

5. Galactic Expansion – Samsung has announced it will release the next iteration of GALAXY phone, the S IV, at an event March 14. I’m still figuring out my GALAXY Note! The first one! FOX News

6. Red Carpet Rundown – What would the Academy Awards be without fashion!? I’m not the expert, but I know most of it looked great regardless. The Telegraph

7. Where in the Country Is… – Alex Smith? It’s said his trade with the San Francisco 49ers is “essentially closed,” but we’re not sure where he’ll end up yet. Los Angeles Times

8. Atlantis – No, “Mauritia.” Scientists have found evidence of a microcontinent hidden underneath vacation getaway Mauritius and Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Register

9. SCotUS Denies Citizens United Appeal – The Supreme Court has refused to hear appeals on the landmark Citizens United (2010) case, which allowed corporations to fund political activities, but not candidates directly. Phew. Almost got out-voted by Wal-Mart. Again. HuffPo

10. Election Season – The Student Government Elections are this week — make sure to make your voice heard, whoever you choose. Remember, tobacco use and gun control opinions are at stake, too! The Hub@TTU

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