10 Things To Know – February 8

1. Cop Hunt: A former LAPD is the source of a massive manhunt after he vowed to attack other officers and their families for retribution. CNN 

2. Rent A Boyfriend: During Chinese New Year there is more pressure for single women in their twenties to bring home a man to meet the family. This company provides you a stand in boyfriend to avoid marriage questions from your family. BBC

3. NY Fashion Week: Yesterday was the first day of fashion week in the Big Apple. Check out the gallery of the first day. NY Times

4. Nukes: Iran refuses to enter talks with the U.S. as the worlds suspicions grow over Iran’s nuclear weapon manufacturing. NPR

5. Liquor Sundays: Two bills proposing liquor stores remain open on Sundays have just been submitted to the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives. Texas Tribune

6. Drone Strikes: John Brennan, CIA director-designate, defends drone attacks on targets planning to attack the U.S. AP

7. Snow Storm: New England better brace itself as Friday’s snow storm is expected to be record breaking. Reuters

8. Tumbling Tunisia: Strikes are expected as a result of the death of the opposition leader  Al Jazeera 

9. Casting Call: Twitter is helping an undisclosed movie studio find actors for their upcoming film. Mashable

10. Food Violations: Here is the latest on restaurant food violations in Lubbock. LAJ

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