10 Things To Know – February 6

1. Snail Mail: The U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays. Fox News

2. Gay Marriage: Both England and Wales have approved same-sex marriage. BBC

3. Quick Fix: President Obama proposed a budget package that would cut spending and tax reforms as a temporary solution before larger cuts go into effect on March 1. Reuters

4. Monopoly Nemesis: Monopoly has finally decided to add a cat token to the board game after an online contest where fans could vote to add or remove tokens from the property game. AP

5. World Cup Qualifier: The USMNT plays today in the final round of the hexagonal against Honduras, en route to the World Cup Brazil 2014. MLS

6. Alabama Kidnapping: Two explosive devices were found in the bunker of kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes. CNN

7. Selling Texas: Governor Rick Perry is inviting businesses in California to look at Texas and start a business in the Lone Star State. TIME

8. 2013, Expect The Worse: Climatologist’s believe that this year could bring some of the worse droughts for Texas. Huffington Post

9. Comet Captured: Comet Ison, discovered by Russian astronauts last year, was caught on video. BBC

10. Racial Search Engine: Ads on Google were found to be racially profiling when searching for a name. African American identifying names were 25 percent more likely to show ads suggesting an arrest record. Huffington Post

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