10 Things To Know – February 5th

1. Texas Education Funding:  District Judge John Dietz found funding of the state’s public education system inadequate and by extension unconstitutional. Lubbock A-J

2. The Great Puerto Rican Escape: As the economy on the island deteriorates, more and more Puerto Ricans are leaving to Florida. More Puerto Ricans live on the U.S. mainland than on the island of Puerto Rico. NPR

3. The Best & Worst: Watch the good and the bad commercials of this weekend’s game. TIME

4. Synthetic Marijuana: A 16-year-old Cypress, Texas teenager has recovered from the use of synthetic marijuana that sent her to the ICU for two weeks leaving her family to make the decision to remove life support. CNN

5. Guest Worker Program: Labor Unions are working towards including a guest worker program so that low-wage laborers can come into the country legally. AP

6. Dell Goes Private: Dell announces that they’re going private for $24.4 billion, a decision that was voted on Monday night. NYTimes

7. Immigration Hearing: House Judiciary Committee is having an immigration hearing today where Rep. Joaquin Castro will be present while his brother San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will give a testimony. C-SPAN

8. Ahmadinejad Visits Egypt: Iran and Egypt relationship cools as President Ahmadinejad arrived to Egypt, the first Iranian president to visit since 1979. Reuters

9. TTU Spring Enrollment: Texas Tech has a total of 30,399 students enrolled this spring semester, topping the 30,000 mark. Lubbock A-J

10. Dognition: A web application, launched today, can test how smart your dog is. Mashable

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