10 Things To Know – February 28

1. All Hail: Pope Benedict pledges his unconditional obedience to whoever takes his place. Reuters

2. Brothers In Battle: U.S. announces plans to aid Syrian rebels in a direct, non-lethal battlefield. NBC News 

3. Mayoral Murder: Mississippi gay Mayoral candidate’s body found near Mississippi River. USA Today

4. Suffocation, No Breathing: Beijing air pollution reaches dangerous levels days before legislature opens annual meeting. Bloomberg

5. Breast Cancer Increase: Breast cancer among females between the ages of 25-39 years old has nearly doubled. Los Angeles Times

6. Woodward, Ho!:  Watergate journalist, Bob Woodward, hints at revenge on White House for threatening him. CNN

7. Two Peas In A Pod: Dennis Rodman and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un are now apparently best friends for life. ABC News

8. Debt? What Debt?: U.S. pledges an additional $60 million to Syrian opposition along with other assistance. New York Times

9. In Lew We Trust: Jack Lew was approved as secretary of the Treasury a couple of days before big budget cuts are expected to start. CNN

10. Noose, You Lose: An Illinois man helped put a noose around an African American teen’s neck, and was sentenced to write an essay. Chicago Sun Times

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