10 Things to Know: February 26th

  1. Outside the Oscars: Visual effects (VFX) technicians protest outside of the Oscars this past Sunday, and with limited media coverage. See why the closure of the VFX company that worked on The Life of Pi sparked a movement. (See the Facebook page here). – The Guardian 
  2. Did They Say, Free?: The White House has mandated research funded by taxpayers to now be free to the public. Aaron Swartz would say it’s a start. – The Huffington Post
  3. Dragons Fly: The SpaceX Dragon capsule has been loaded with supplies and is set to launch by rocket for the space station this Friday. SpaceX is the only commercial company with this privilege. – LA Times
  4. Sex and Intrigue: More sex-abuse scandals come to light as we draw closer to the papal election to take place next month. – Reuters
  5. Stupid is as Stupid Does: John Kerry tells German students Americans have “the right to be stupid.” Confused? Check out the rest of the story at NPR.
  6. Yoga in Schools – Unconstitutional?: Does teaching yoga in public schools violate the separation of church and state? See HuffPost Live for more.
  7. Donkey, Goat, and Water Buffalo: More to the meat scandal in South Africa, where burgers have been found to contain donkey, goat, and water buffalo. Gadzooks. – LA Times
  8. FIRE!: Drug cannon found to be launching marijuana across the Mexico/California border. O.O – Huffington Post
  9. iPhone Tracking: If you have an iPhone, the government can know where you’ve been. – Gizmodo
  10. Thoughts on Fire: EMC major Erika Laffin is in the final voting for the TXU Energy student film contest. Check out her video and vote!

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