10 Things To Know – February 22nd

1.  Live Long and Prosper – Two new moons have been discovered around our favorite not-a-planet Pluto. Leading the vote to name one of them is “Vulcan.” – BBC

2.  Something fishy is going on – More than half of America’s tuna is mislabeled and not actually tuna at all. The most common fish that was found to be labeled as tuna actually causes oily anal leakage. Yikes. – Yahoo

3.  Kicking the NFL gender barrier – NFL Regional Scouting Combine scheduled for next month has a female participant for the first time ever – kicker Lauren Silberman. – FOX

4.  Letting ’em leer for cash – Advertisers in Japan have started paying for ad-space on schoolgirls’ thighs. – BuzzFeed

5.  Flu vaccine failure – The flu vaccine this year has been reported as barely helping the elderly. USA Today

6.  Manned Mars Mission? Maybe!  – A manned mission to mars may happen in 2018. – CNN

7.  Skele-gro – Scientists may have discovered a way to stimulate bone growth. – Sci-News

8.  Phone freedom – Petition demanding that unlocking phones to be made legal again has gotten enough signatures to demand White House response. – TNW

9.  Moon origin mystery – The recent discovery that the moon held water at one time challenges our assumptions about its origins. – Science Recorder

10.  Humans vs. Zombies – Today is the start of Tech’s 24-hour HvZ App-a-thon. – TTU

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