10 Things To Know – February 21st

  1. Old PlayStation, New Tricks: Sony announced the new PlayStation 4 with tons of new features. – CNN
  2. Body Found: Body of Canadian tourist found in water tank on the roof of a Los Angeles hotel. – CBS News
  3. Best of The Breast: The FDA has approved a new gel-silicon breast implant. – Reuters
  4. Stranger, No Danger: A stranger donates a kidney to 10-year-old girl after reading about her in his local newspaper. – USA Today
  5. I Spy: The U.S. threatens China with trade and diplomatic action for spying and stealing from U.S. companies. – Wall Street Journal
  6. Bone Marrow Bonus: Robin Roberts’ journey through MDS has inspired an increase in bone marrow donations. – ABC News
  7. Ring of Fire: A new animated video from North Korea depicts Obama and U.S. troops on fire. – TIME
  8. Courtroom Drama: Oscar Pistorius’ lawyers challenges changing police testimonies; investigators admit to crime scene mistakes. – ABC News
  9. Death Row: Japan follows through with first hangings of death row inmates under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. – BBC News
  10. Guilty As Charged: Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty for using campaign money to buy weird things like elk heads. – New York Times
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