10 Things to Know – February 20th

  1. The Office (Supply): Office Depot is set to buy Office Max to build stronger competition against Staples. Good thing, too. I could never tell which was which.  – Huffington Post
  2. Caffeine Craze: Believe it or not, Americans are actually consuming less coffee nowadays than in the 1940s and 50s, and our coffee quality has improved tremendously since then. – Market Watch (WSJ)
  3. North vs. South: North Korea has made, yet again, another subtle threat toward South Korea. U.N. conference members negatively react to this statement said at the Tuesday disarmament debate. – Reuters
  4. The Art of Raiderland: Texas Tech is investing about $2 million to add to its public art collection. There are 10 artworks to be installed this year, and will raise the value of TTU’s public art to $7.2 million. – Texas Tech Today
  5. A Sliced Apple: Apple Inc. admits it. They were hacked. – Reuters
  6. An Explosive Evening: Kansas City restaurant explosion injures 16, and one person is missing. – NPR
  7. The End of the Universe: The Higgs boson particle has provided scientists with new findings and new puzzles since last year, and one such finding dictates a finite universe. However, physics calculations don’t foresee anything happening for billions of years. – Huffington Post
  8. Twittered-out Texas: According to this study, Texas has shown on Twitter that it is not quite the happy state. – CNN
  9. Harlem on Harlem Shake: NYC’s Harlem residents react to the trendy “dance.” – Vulture
  10. Swim with the SHARK?!: This girl free-dives with a great white shark. Oh my. See the GoPro video. – Huffington Post

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