10 Things to Know – February 13th

  1. We’re Hosting a Party: Come tomorrow for a NOT-NOT-VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY in MCOM 81 (basement)! We’re going to be playing movies, having snacks, and, if you’d like, you can get to know who we are and what we do!
  2. Missed the State of the Union?: You can read the transcript here for the gist. – Time
  3. Is He Dead?: Former LAPD officer accused of killing at least 4 is thought to be dead after a manhunt that led to a California cabin, which later burned to the ground with someone inside. – NPR
  4. To Run with the Bulls: While there are many protests against the sport, Spain wants to grace bullfighting with a “special cultural status,” which could bring the fights back to parts of Spain where they are already banned. – BBC
  5. For Peace?: Is North Korea’s “Dear Leader” really conducting nuclear tests for the sake of gaining ground in peace talks? – Huffington Post
  6. A Grand Ol’ Party: GOP representative Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) responds to the State of the Union. NPR
  7. The Bone Breakdown: How exactly do they confirm that the skeleton found under an English carpark is indeed Richard III? – The New Yorker
  8. Apple in Arms: Apple is rumored to be developing a “Smartwatch,” but the company will have its competition. – Techland
  9. Bionic Turtle: Yu Chan, a sea turtle rescued from a Japanese fishing net, is swimming in new duds, er, flippers. – Huffington Post
  10. The Pope in Public: Pope Benedict XVI makes his first public appearance since his decision to retire. He spoke to an audience in the Vatican for the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday. – The New York Times

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