10 Things To Know – Feb. 18, 2013

1. Amnesty Plan Leaked – A draft proposal for immigration reform has been accused of being “leaked” in order to poison the well between Republicans and Democrats in Congress working on “a serious solution.” Washington Post

2. Cutting the Horns Off – The Texas Tech Lady Raiders defeated the Texas Longhorns yesterday afternoon 69-62, their first win over UT since 2006. The Hub@TTU

3. Pole Positions – Danica Patrick has become the first woman to achieve the “pole position” leading the famous Daytona 500, NASCAR’s leading “Sprint Cup Series” race. Seattle Times

4. Whiskey Throwback – As previously mentioned in our 10 Things, Maker’s Mark — a popular whiskey maker — has addressed concerns about it watering down its product, and vows it will immediately restore production to its normal 90 proof formula. The Associated Press/Google News

5. Halo Creators Push Destiny – Bungie, the company behind the world-famous Halo series of video games, has unveiled a new “shared world” first-person shooter series set in a far-futuristic science-fiction universe. Forbes

6. Apple vs. The World – Samsung has leaked screenshots of a new “smart watch” only a week after similar photos were leaked regarding an “iWatch” from Apple. Introducing the Samsung GALAXY Altius. SlashGear

7. Pipeline Protest – A group of environmentalists gathered in Washington to protest the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. CBS News

8. Russian Impact – Reconstruction has already begun after the devastating explosion of a meteorite over Russia that injured nearly a thousand people over the weekend. The New York Times

9. SARS Strikes Back – The World Health Organization is warning against a potentially fatal SARS-like virus that has already began infecting in Britain. Newsday – New York

10. A No-Fly — Or Birdy — Zone – An F-16 fighter plane intercepted and escorted a civilian Cessna aircraft in Florida, leading it away from where President Obama was spending time off, supposedly playing golf with friends. Los Angeles Times

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