10 Things To Know – Feb. 11

1) Resigning Into History – Pope Benedict XVI and the Papacy has announced the Pope’s resignation to go into effect on Feb. 28. Washington Post

2) Date Profiteering? – “Online dating” is now a $1.2 billion industry. MarketWatch

3) Hats Off to the Bull – Is the 13-year long bear market ending finally? Despite the Dow Jones average hanging at record highs, experts say “not so fast.” Wall Street Journal

4) Grammy Fever – Mumford & Sons, Gotye, fun. win at Grammys, but no one wins more than Gotye. “I love this song,” said Prince in reference to “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Philly.com

5) Improper Disposal – An Arlington eighth-grade teacher poured a full container of pencil shavings into a student’s mouth. WND-TV

6) Houston Rail – Houston Metro is drumming up support for its new rail line in Houston by appealing to the University of Houston’s students. Houston Chronicle

7) iWatch (No, Seriously) – Apple is now experimenting with a “smart watch”, a modern spin on the traditional wristwatch. Does it come in pocketwatch? HuffPo

8) Maker’s Water-Mark? – Maker’s Mark, a popular brand of whiskey, has begun watering down its usual formula. WKRC-Cincinnatti

9) New Caddy – General Motors plans to introduce a redesigned Cadillac CTS in March. Detroit Free Press

10) Not a Planet, but Pluto has Moons – SETI has announced it is accepting names to replace “P4” and “P5” as Pluto’s 2 newly-found moons. Wired

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