10 Things To Know – College Edition

  1. Toy For Tickets: Have a Texas Tech parking citation? Find out how you can bring in a toy instead of a check. Parking Services
  2. Motorist Assistance Program: Lock your keys in your car? Run out of gas on campus? MAP is a program you pay for anyways, so use it! MAP
  3. Computer Help: Need help deciding what computer to buy? Tech IT can help. IT Help Central
  4. Amazon Student: Amazon gives special deals to students, sign up for free. Amazon
  5. Campus Connector: Need a ride home for Spring Break? Tech can help with that! BusTrips
  6. Road Raiders Safe Travel Network: Worried about getting stuck or in trouble in the middle of a road trip? No prob! A network of parents are set up to help. You can search for nearby Raiders from a mobile device or print out a list from online. Road Raiders
  7. Student Legal Services: Access to legal services is covered by your fees. If you need help or have questions, contact them and see if they can help. SLS
  8. Safe Ride: A night-time taxi service available within city limits. Safe Ride
  9. Night Ride: Late night on-campus shuttle for students. Night Ride
  10. RaiderX: A wide variety of group classes are available for free to students at the Rec Center. Rec Center

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Jenn is from Carnation, WA and is pursuing a BFA in Theatre Tech & Design, focusing on lighting design, and a BA in Electronic Media & Communication, focusing on visual communication. She is eagerly anticipating graduating in May 2015. She hopes to use her experience and two degrees to pursue a career in the television production industry.

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