10 Things to Know

1. Chuck Hagel is officially confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense for the Obama administration. Huffington Post

2. Ken Mehlman is pushing for conservative endorsement of same-sex marriage. ‘Bout time. Buzzfeed

3. A California couple went missing while cycling through South America only to be found in a boat approaching the Ecuador and Peru border. ABC News

4. The flawless Jennifer Lawrence flawlessly flipped her flawless bird to the Oscar press room post-victory. E!News

5.Crispy, tan, toasty mom will not be indicted for child endangerment for taking her five-year-old daughter to the tanning salon. CNN

6. Grand Theft Auto isn’t making your kid a tyrant. Here’s the research. CNET

7. Two adolescent football teams in Los Angeles have been banned from playing each other after a fight between parents became fatal. Los Angeles Times

8. The Pope is holding his final general audience on Wednesday, the evening of his resignation. BBC News

9. The NCAA apparently has college athletes in a chokehold. NPR

10. Friends and family members reflect on the death of Trayvon Martin a full year later. USA Today

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