Where You Should Have Gone For Winter Break

Happy belated holidays, y’all. I know what you’re thinking, “Like oh my gosh school is back in sesh this totes sux.” Yeah, it does. So what did you do over the break that was even more invigorating than gaining knowledge from our distinguishable university?

Whatever you did I can almost guarantee your month of doing nothing but eating leftovers from Christmas and New Years was less thrilling than what I did over the break. Drum roll please…

Last weekend I went to one of the coolest places on earth (non pun intended): Breckenridge, Colo. Maybe you went there over the break too. I know while my friends and I were there it seemed as if half of Lubbock was visiting also.  So what’s so great about Breck and why should you go there every year, or at least once before you die?

According to the Breckenridge website, there are at least 101 things to do in this 5.3 square mile town. The place may seem small, but don’t let that fool you.  Besides having the most gorgeous view to ski or snowboard down, there are also 76 restaurants and bars, alongside 203 shops and boutiques to blow all of your money on (and you will, whether you want to or not). From personal experience I suggest going down Main St. and venturing to Ollie’s and Cecilia’s.

Typically, a lot of the fraternities at Tech will have opportunities for the Greek community to participate on the trip of a lifetime. That’s the way I decided to venture. Ladies, take my advice: forget the men and make it a girls’ trip instead, and use them as an excuse to shred some powder.

Speaking of powder, this was my first time to ski, as in ever. Do yourself a favor and take some lessons. I had the privilege of having one of my close friends teach me. Don’t get me wrong she was a fabulous instructor, but I think I would have learned more from a professional. While you’re on the mountain pretending like you know what you’re doing, you’re bound to see kids less than five years old zooming past you with the rest of their ski school. It’s disgusting and slightly mortifying.

Lastly, the main reason you should go to Breckenridge: the scenery. I probably could have gone without learning to ski the entire trip and could have ventured around town the whole weekend. The central area of the town with all of the shops, bars, and restaurants made me instantly think of what the North Pole should definitely look like. It’s truly winter wonderland at its finest. The snow is plentiful and with the mountains in the background of it all, it makes you never want to leave, that is, until you realize how freaking cold it is outside. During our trip I don’t think the temperature rose above 3 degrees, and half of the time it was in the negatives.

So, whether you decide to ever go to Breckenridge or not is up to you. I stand by my statement that it is one of the most beautiful and entertaining places I have gone to in a long time. And I’m still thinking my break was better than yours. Unless you got to go to Europe or Times Square in New York, then that would be fairly legitimate. With school back in session and all of us already fantasizing about Spring Break, take the time to consider Breckenridge, Colo. You’ll be glad you did.

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Entertainment Director    —    Journalism major, Class of 2014
Lauren Estlinbaum grew up in Pearland, Texas, south of Houston (go Texans). She is a journalism major with a minor in apparel design. Lauren would like to work for either a fashion or lifestyle publication post-graduation. As she likes to say, she considers fashion magazines survival guides.


  1. Lauren I love your writing style! Sounds like a great place to visit 🙂

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