Raiders In Israel

Do you ever wonder where your Texas Tech University diploma will take you? One graduate from 1983 has gone all the way to Tel-Aviv with his diploma.

James Forrest, originally from Boyer, Texas, graduated with a degree in engineering that has led him to work as a U.S. diplomat for the Foreign Service Information Technology department.

After graduating he created nuclear weapons then later moved to San Diego for ten years.

While reminiscing about Texas Tech, Forrest says very simply what he misses the most about the Lubbock town he called home for four years.


Forrest used to work at the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse, just like any other college student trying to make some money while going to school. He also remembers the Gridiron, where Tech sports enthusiasts used to gather when visiting during football season.

While unaware of the Gridiron closing down and the ownership of the 50 Yard Line changing hands, he was also unaware of the new social spots in Lubbock. Of course this shouldn’t be surprising considering he hasn’t made it back to Lubbock in 20 years.

When Forrest was in school he says 4th street was where all the night activity took place. Back in his day Broadway street and anything beyond University was no mans land.

Forrest has a five-year-old son named Edward who proudly sports his Guns Up whenever Texas Tech is brought up. While he’s not pressuring Edward to attend Tech, he says he wouldn’t be disappointed either.

Come summer Forrest and his son will move on from Israel and return to the states. Forrest has taken on a job with the future, still unannounced, U.S. Secretary of State detail establishing communications system for him or her.

“I feel like it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Forrest said. “I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

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