Skyfall: James Bond Returns

While traditional James Bond films use fancy gadgets, beautiful women, and over the top action to bring entertainment to viewers, “Skyfall” sets itself apart by relying on story, character development, and performance to engage the audience. Not to say that this movie doesn’t have these other qualities that has come to define James Bond.

Daniel Craig returns for the third time to play MI6 operative 007 in this film directed by Sam Mendes. Craig brings his best performance yet as the British spy. The leading Bond girl in “Skyfall” isn’t your typical bombshell, but the always spectacular Judi Dench as M. Dench has played M in the previous six films. Both characters are given more depth and development in “Skyfall” than the past 22 movies have given them combined. Their chemistry shines through the screen through the use of quips, trust, and each other’s respect.

Javier Bardem portrays Raoul Silva, the films antagonist, who is a cyber terrorist with a vendetta with M. Bardem was a great choice for the role, though at times it seems like he was trying too hard to become an iconic villain. He comes off as creepy and confident, which will probably lead to Raoul Silva becoming one of the most memorable Bond villains to date, but he will not be making it towards AFI’s 100 villains list. Q, played by Ben Whishaw, returns as well as other characters and homage’s from the past 50 years of the Bond franchise.

Sam Mendes chose to continue the pattern of “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” choosing a more realistic approach. Mendes gives Bond something that films of the past haven’t, by focusing more on the characters of “Skyfall” than the story itself, not that the story is left lacking. Diving into both Bond and M’s past, we see more of who these characters are, and in the end, makes the audience care more about their story.

“Skyfall” is, in my opinion, one of the best James Bond films and will probably help push Daniel Craig to become Sean Connery’s rival in who is the best James Bond. I suggest the film to most audiences. If you like action, adventure, humor, memorable characters, a compelling story, and James Bond being awesome, this is a movie for you. “Skyfall” is what going to the movies is supposed to be, fun.

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