RECAP: AHS: Asylum, Episode 5

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Please proceed with caution.

This week on AHS…

“I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2”

Sister Jude just doesn’t take no for an answer.

She gathers the information she has about Dr. Arden being a Nazi doctor and goes to see a man who was held in a concentration camp.

Here comes Dr. Arden busting through the door to the demon lady with Anne Frank pulling in hot behind him with a gun to his head. Dr. Arden demands Sister Mary Eunice to leave the room and as soon as she does, an asylum guard burst in behind her with a gun to her head.

Next we find Anne Frank lying in a bed in a straight jacket with Sister Jude asking her about Dr. Arden, or Hanz Cooper as Anne calls him. Sister Jude asks Anne what she saw in Dr. Arden’s office, which we know is Shelly, deformed and legless. Sister Jude tells Anne they found nothing but maybe the “creature” left on it’s own, to which Anne replies, ‘It had no legs.’

Anne’s husband visits Sister Jude and explains how his wife, Charlotte, went crazy after having a baby. She tattooed a concentration camp number and convinced herself that she was Anne Frank after reading her diary and seeing a play about her life. Interesting …

As Anne’s husband tries to take his wife home, she freaks out and refuses to go before he shows her a picture of their family which changes her mind in a snap.

If you recall, Kit and Grace were sentenced to sterilization for their philandering ways. As they wait for the operation, Sister Mary Eunice takes Kit out of solitary confinement and she tells him Sister Jude changed her mind. As she leads him away to dinner, Grace mentions that she misses the food but Sister tells her she is still having the operation. After Sister Mary Eunice leaves, the bright white light consumes Graces’ cell as the camera zooms in on her eye and we see the reflection of the aliens in her eyes.

Dr. Threadson tells Lana that he is taking her away from the asylum on the way to get a confession to murdering those women from Kit in order to keep in the asylum and out of the electric chair.

As he starts his confession, the scene cuts to Grace in a the blank white room, and Kit’s wife says to her, ‘Don’t fight it, it’ll only make it worse,’ before the aliens start working on Grace.

Dr. Arden waddles into Sister Jude’s office demanding her to get down on her knees and grovel before him, which she refuses to do even after he threatened to demand her firing.

Sister Mary Eunice walks in on Dr. Arden fixing his bandages, and she helps him change his wrappings. Dr. Arden thanks the Sister for protecting him, which he find out she drug Shelly out of his office before anyone could find her. We cut to a playground with kids playing at recess when a little girl wanders over a set of stairs where creepy Shelly is crawling up the stairs in all her deformed, mouth-breathing glory.

Well, that was fast. Anne Frank, or Charlotte, is back in the looney bin after her husband changed his mind about having her back at home with the baby. We see Dr. Arden enter Anne’s cell. Sister Jude tries to talk him out of keeping her here, but the husband wants to speak with Dr. Threadson.

While going to Anne’s cell, the husband runs into Dr. Arden leaving her cell when he tells the husband he can make his wife a new woman. We cut to Anne on the operating table with the husband standing by her side as Dr. Arden explains how performing a labotomy is quite routine.

The guard goes to look for Dr. Threadson, and he finds him at his car, packing his things in the truck with Lana sitting in the front seat.

Next we see Sister Jude packing up her things and rolling her stockings up high before leaving Briarcliff, and what seems to be her nun life, behind. She’s light up a cigarette in what looks like the same bar we saw her in the night she killed the little girl. In the meantime, we are flashing between her and Dr. Arden driving a long, thick, metal stake into Anne’s eye socket as her husband watches from above.

Dr. Threadson takes Lana to his home. He tells her it’s safer to stay here rather than her home, at least for the night. He tells her he’s made an appointment with the police in the morning to bring Briarcliff down together! Hip hip horaay! He offers her a nice, big glass of wine … who could say no to that after spending weeks in an insane asylum. She notices his home decor, particularly his lampshade which appears to look like…like…skin with a nipple! WHAT. THE. HELL.


At least, I’m pretty sure…

Lana finds his little room of killing tools. As Dr. Threadson strolls upon Lana, he drops her through a trap door into this crazy killing basement where her dead girlfriend is laying next to her.

Think that’s effed up? JUST. FREAKING. WAIT.

So, Dr. Threadson comes into his toy shop, he tells Lana he wants to keep up their therapy sessions. To start, he wants her to kiss Wendy’s cold, dead lips. Oh, but don’t worry, he tells her she won’t bite, as he puts on his mask of skin. Why won’t she bite beside the obvious reason of her being dead? BECAUSE HE TOOK HER TEETH TO PUT ON HIS MASK.

In the last scene, we see Anne Frank’s husband coming home from work to a proper lady holding his child. As she turns around, we see that it’s Anne Frank, or Charlotte I guess now, as sane as the next Stepford wife. If you ask me, something smells fishy, though.

1. Alma is alive … or at least with the aliens, which could mean everything Kit has said is true.
2. Mary Eunice is still a demon
3. Lana is out of the asylum but has stumbled into a worse situation
4. Grace has seen the light … and the aliens
5. Dr. Arden is still cray, and the jury is still out on whether or not he’s an SS doctor
6. Dr. Threadson is Bloody Face

Criiiiipes. I feel like I’ve been through a tornado of emotion!


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