RECAP: AHS: Asylum, Episode 4

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Please proceed with caution.

This week on AHS…

“I am Anne Frank pt 1”

So, if you couldn’t tell by the title, Anne Frank is apparently alive and well in 1964, and she’s found her way to Briarcliff.

We resume with Shelley’s situation. Here we see Dr. Arden injecting some stuff into her temple while mumbling something about making her immortal. I feel this would’ve been good news if her face wasn’t now deformed and she had no legs, but maybe that’s just me.

Apparently, Dr. A has had his hands full with all sorts of operations! Not only has he removed Shelley’s legs, he’s decided he wanted to put the bug back into Kit’s neck, so he does.

After Kit explains all of this to his BFF, Grace, she decides sharing is caring and divulges how she ended up at Briarcliff. She says she was wrongly accused of murdering her entire family with an axe, and her sister thought she did it and threw her into the asylum.

As I’ve mentioned in previous recaps, I think Dr. Threadson may be the only sane one in Briarcliff, but it’s always so hard to guess with this show. Looks like I may be eating half of my words this week!

Dr. Threadson tells Lana he can cure her of being gay and if he can, he will get her out of the asylum. She agrees to give it a shot, to be honest, I probably would agree to anything at that point, too.

I was really hoping that Dr. Threadson was the dark knight in this season, but things might not be what they seem. Are they ever though?

Anne Frank is hanging out in the common room doing what she does best, writing. Girl is minding her own business when Dr. A walks in and she flips out. She starts yelling at him calling him a Nazi, claiming he was a doctor she met in Auschwitz. OH, is that all?

I’m very quick to believe ol’ Anne. Mainly cause I think it’ll be a super exciting twist in the show if she ends up actually being Anne Frank and Dr. A had been a doctor at Auschwitz. Plus, she’s really convincing, there’s a lot of flash backs and she shows her camp tattoo. It’s got to be real!

Dr. Threadson tries to convince Kit that he did kill all those women, he just can’t remember. I mean, how do you forget killing and skinning a bunch of ladies? I mean, right?

Kit starts to second guess himself, so he goes to find Grace to talk it out. Instead of getting a pep talk, they are caught bangin’ on the bread counter. That’s not very sanitary.

Unlucky for them, Sister Jude catches wind of their shenanigans and Sister Mary Eunice picks out a barbed wire cane for their punishment. Ouuuuuch!

Before Sister Jude can follow through with the caning, she decides it would be more appropriate for them to be sterilized to avoid making a “murderbaby,” and is summoned away when the police arrive to interrogate Dr. A about that Mary Eunice look-a-like prostitute he roughed up.

Going back to my hope that Dr. A is a secret Nazi doctor, I was super excited that the hooker went to the cops and told them about the creepy pictures and the Nazi memorabilia. Sister Jude’s ears perk up high as the sky when she hears the detectives explain the sticky situation Dr. A is in.

Lana dreams of the day she’s standing in front of crowds of people, receiving all sorts of fame and love from the public for what she endured during her stay in Briarcliff. A little cocky and presumptuous if you ask me. Anyway, she agrees to try out what Dr. Threadson has in mind.

Dr. Threadson hooks Lana up to an IV full of puke-inducing fluid and shows her pictures of sexy ladies, including a photo of her lover, Wendy. Then, he brings in a chisled young man and has him get naked so she can admire his manhood.

I found this scene interesting since Zachary Quinto is openly gay in real life.

Back to Sister Jude.

She opens up to the monsignor and tells him all about Dr. A’s antics. He quickly shuts her down and tells her she’s out of her mind and probably drunk again.

Courtesy of Sister Mary Eunice, Kit found Grace’s record and discovered the truth about her admittance to Briarcliff. We find out that Grace’s story was mostly true, except for the fact that she murdered her family, not some random guy.

Because of Grace’s little confession, he felt that maybe he did commit those terrible crimes, and he decides to go confide in Sister Jude.

Anne steals on of the guards guns right off his person, and shoots Dr. A in the leg. I feel like she should’ve aimed a little higher and to the right, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Despite the gun and the shooting and all the accusations, Dr. A never confesses to being the man Anne Frank claims he is.

Anne hears a little shufflin’ in the closest and when she opens the door, SURPRISE! It’s Shelley! Girl looks nastaaaaaay! She has half legs and melting skin. I mean…

Now, let me remind you this is Anne Frank part 1. I can’t WAIT to see what part 2 has in store for us!


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