Paper Or Plastic?

I’m all for saving the environment. I recycle from time to time and bring reusable bags to the grocery store whenever I need to buy another gallon of milk due to my cereal obsession. I get it. Global warming is upon us, save the whales, go green or go home, and mother earth is dying (if you’re in to that kind of thing).

So what if I told you there was a reusable object meant for a multitude of things. Imagine taking your restaurant leftovers home with this portable object. You could even bring your lunch to work in it the following day. But what’s the best part of this mystery item that seems to be environmentally friendly? It is now being considered a fashion accessory.

Jil Sander, fashion designer slash genius, is known for her handbags. She has this godly gift of being able to create every single woman’s handbag like it was a custom order requested by an Upper East Side elite. As I was proceeding with my daily routine of browsing Manrepeller, I came across an article over Jil Sander’s newest bag (literally): a brown paper bag running at a cool $290 dollars.

It seems absurd. How on earth could someone simply blow nearly $300 on something so middle school? My mouth literally dropped. I know there are some fashion items that are a tad ridiculous. Givenchy t-shirts run around $750 dollars and shoes from Celine are on another level when it comes to the price tag.

So maybe the brown bag special is worth the price. According to New York Daily News, the Jil Sander Vasari bag is made out of coated paper. Basically meaning you can use it for any instance or necessity and it will not tear. It also has visible brown stitching on both sides of the sack with two gold metal eyelets on the bottom, and the designer’s name is on the bag as well. Everyone will know you’re too cool for school. Forget buying lunch. You can just carry around the bag it’s supposed to come in.

If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, chew on this. Manrepeller wrote that Sander’s bag has been sold out globally. Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” If this is the case, a brown paper-coated bag is about as simplistic as one can get. And the fact that this bag has become a fashion phenomenon around the world, it may as well fall under the category of elegant.

The lunch inspired accessory also comes in black alongside the staple brown. So whether you’re looking to save the environment one brown bag at a time, or just want something to put your underpriced meal in, Jil Sander has something for you. The typical paper or plastic question asked at your daily supermarket will no longer torment you on which one to choose. You can feel at ease knowing you used your plastic visa on a luxurious paper item that will help you out in the long run and will also be your new favorite fashion forward item.


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