Opinion: Covering The Coverage of the Coverage

Each new semester, Dr. Jimmie Reeves’s Analyzing TV class has to put together a VLOG (video blog) for class. This semester they were lucky enough to get an election to follow via TV to pick apart.

The following videos are some of the top submissions. They each address different election coverage from a comedy outlet such as The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Conan, or even online channels such as Barely Political. The first is from Ben Love, a senior, who is deconstructing the way Conan O’Brien is handling the election on his late night TBS show.

The second submission is a unique take on YouTube coverage, which in the last two presidential elections, has become a big part of the media mix. Also, the submission comes from a native South Korean, who gives a sort-of outside looking in perspective. Here is sophomore Heeji Kim.

Finally, two of the biggest cable contenders in the funny political world are The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. At face value, both seem to be barking up the same tree, but in this VLOG, junior Andy Munson reveals that they are actually very different under the surface.

The class is EMC 3345, Analyzing Television, taught by Dr. Jimmie Reeves.

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