New Movie Theater Attracts Attention

The wait for the newest Lubbock movie theater is now over with the public grand opening of Premiere Cinemas at the South Plains Mall on Friday.

William Kerns, the entertainment editor at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, said the public will be impressed by the newest entertainment venue in town.

“I’m sure everyone will be blown away by the experience,” Kerns said. “All the whistles and bells are there now.”

A tour of Premiere Cinemas revealed many different features, such as the long concession stand, the “Balcony Bar” overlooking the lobby and The ‘Scene’ Bistro restaurant.

Kerns said while there are many amenities that will attract moviegoers, the IMAX screen is going to be the biggest attraction.

Kerns said the IMAX theater will seat 420 people.

He said the only movies that will show on the IMAX initially are “Born to Be Wild” during the afternoon and “The Dark Knight Rises” in the evenings. He also said the wait for a new movie will not be long as “Skyfall” will start showing on November 8.

IMAX tickets range from $12 for children and seniors, to $15 for adults except Wednesdays when college students pay $12.

In addition to the IMAX, the complex also includes 24 D-Box seats in one theater, which make the chairs move along with the action in the movie, according to Kerns. He said the D-Box seats are the only seats that can be reserved.

Located inside the lobby are two D-Box chairs guests can use for a demo to get a feel of what the experience would feel like in the theater.

Kerns said one of the best perks at Premiere Cinemas is that patrons can bring their drinks from the Balcony Bar or food from The ‘Scene’ Bistro into the theater.

“Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a wonderful experience, being able to bring food in the theater,” he said.

Kerns said that Party Central, a room available for rent for birthday parties or business meetings, is an example of the customer-friendly attitude the complex is showing.

“You have to put a deposit down in case of any damages,” Kerns said, “But, you don’t have to pay anything to rent the room.”

Premiere Cinemas also offers a Starbucks, self-serve area for free refills, and the opportunity for guests to obtain their ticket from the concession stand if the box office line is too long.

With all of the amenities offered, Kerns said, Premiere Cinemas has gained the attention of residents in Lubbock for obvious reasons.

“They are the first to bring in these new things that people have wanted for a long time,” Kerns said. “Lubbock hasn’t had a theater like this.”

In addition to gaining local attention, Kerns said, people involved with the film industry around the United States have taken notice as well.

Joe Lopez, a bartender at Premiere Cinemas, said he can understand why Premiere Cinemas is attracting so much attention.

“There’s nothing like it,” Lopez said. “With the food, entertainment and the IMAX, there’s not a single theater like it.”


by Matt Moczygemba
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