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The opportunity for local artists to showcase pieces of performing and visual art came earlier this month with the monthly First Friday Art Trail.

Shawn Anglin, co-owner of the recycled fashion shop Culture Clothing, said although all people might not care much for art, they can appreciate good work.

“Art is one of those things that brings people together,” Anglin said.  “People that don’t really know that they like art or care about art, will come to check out a cool painting.”

The three featured artists at Culture Clothing were Taylor Dowdy, a senior art major at Texas Tech; Kaitlyn Creel, a senior at Frenship High School; and Raenee Wildman, an artist.

While discussing the three featured artists, Anglin said, Creel is promoting her art for a greater cause.

“She’s an artist,” Angling said, “and her whole purpose of being on the art trail is to raise money for a mission trip.”

Creel said she is hoping to raise enough money for a mission trip to Slovenia.

“I raise money to go on mission trips,” Creel said, “by selling my artwork.”

One of Creel’s works named “Shattered,” consisted of shards of glass scattered on the frame. By making the shards into different shapes and sizes, one viewing the art would only be able to see parts of their figure.

“I got a mirror and broke it and sewed the shards on,” Creel said. “It’s really cool because you can look at yourself, but you can’t see everything.”

While discussing how Culture Clothing portrays the art, Anglin said, they show local artists works for a reason.

“I want to portray local art because art is a big deal here,” Anglin said, “and it doesn’t get a lot of attention. If some student from Houston moved to Texas Tech they wouldn’t know that Lubbock is a pretty big art town.”

Anglin also said one of the most important aspects of the First Friday Art Trail is the interaction with different artists.

“I want people to be able to see these artists face to face and talk to them about it,” Anglin said. “All it’s going to do is generate momentum for the entire art scene in Lubbock.”

With the exhibits at the 16 local venues being free for guests to visit, along with the free trolley service available to the 12 official venues, people have ample opportunities to see a variety of art, according to Anglin.

“We’re one of the official venues so every 15 minutes a free trolley rolls by,” Anglin said. “You can jump on it and go to the next venue, jump off, take a look around and just hop from venue to venue for the next three hours.

The First Friday Art Trail takes place on the first Friday of every month and lasts from 6-9 p.m.


– Matt Moczygemba
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