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Watching movies with your significant other is a common thing to do during the week, but to change this up – why not going to the drive-in movie theater? I know this is the cheap dates section but I’m not going to lie, I mainly go with a group of friends and it’s so much fun. Last time I went there were five of us in a small car. We pay $7 for two movies; we brought our own snacks and drinks. The cool thing about watching a movie in a car is that you can be loud, silly, say funny things all through out the movie without bothering anybody else because they can’t hear you (I hope).

If you are planning on going with your date in a car I recommend to sit in the back sit, it is great for cuddling. Recline the front seats for a more panoramic view, if you have a truck and a SUV, even better! Don’t forget to bring a blanket for those cold Lubbock nights ;).

Have you been to the drive-in movie theater? I want to hear about it; in fact I want to hear about any amazing dates you had been on or any cool date ideas.

Cost of date: $7.00

The Stars and Stripes Drive in Movie Theater is located in


Open Thursday-Sunday at 7:00.


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  1. Indeed, the Stars and Stripes drive in theater is a great place to spend an evening with friends. I have been in Lubbock for a year now, two weeks ago was my first time at the drive in. My boyfriend and I were really eager to go out and relax but were not up for the club/bar scene and some how the drive in theater came up as an option; I am so glad we went!
    It is a very 50’s kinda experience; the restaurant has the look like the one in the movie Grease, the bathrooms were clean (busy during intermission) and the snack prices were reasonable. The best thing above all (besides cuddling with my BF) was that we gor to watch TWO movies!!
    I highly recommend anybody who wants to scape from the hectic 20th century and transport to the 50’s in one night to go to the Stars and Stripes Drive in Movie Theater !!!

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