S.O. Sing SO Fierce

To kick off this year’s homecoming festivities, the annual S.O. Sing singing and dancing competition brought hundreds of Tech students and outside viewers to the United Spirit Arena on Wednesday. The competition was filled with plenty of booty shaking, shoulder shimmying and back flipping from both the boys and the girls.

However, only one team could bring home the gold in the Greek division and this year that team was Alpha Phi sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity with their routine, “You ain’t met my Texas,” to go along with the “Don’t Wreck With Tech” homecoming theme. Coming in second place was Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, followed by Tri Delta sorority and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity in third place.

Anna Lofye, a junior exercise and sport sciences major and active member in Alpha Phi sorority, went to the competition to support her friends and was excited for her sorority’s win.

“I did S.O. Sing when I was a freshman and we won first place that year also, so this our second time in three years to win first,” Lofye said. “Even though there is no actual prize, it’s so exciting to know that your team beat out the rest of the competition.”

Although Lofye was not planning on competing her freshman year, some of her friends were able to talk her into it, she said, and it was a great experience.

Since this year’s homecoming theme is Texas related, every team incorporated red, white and blue into their costumes, giving the competition a patriotic feeling. Some teams even went so far as to wear Texas flag t-shirts, “jorts” and cowboy boots all together.

With the excitement of the crowd and the talented competition, it is easy to understand why S.O. Sing is a popular event at Tech.

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