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Men’s Health reports that the average American downs 24 pounds of candy a year, with Halloween being a huge contributor. Also, the typical intake for the average American is nearly 400 calories, said the magazine. To put it into perspective, Men’s Health compared certain candies to other sugary foods. For example, three miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups fill your belly with more sugar than a glazed doughnut and nine Twizzlers carry as many calories as a Wendy’s Double Stack Burger. So to avoid the fat-suit this Halloween, here are some tips to stay in shape.

Eric Ross, a genetic engineer from Amarillo, Texas, said even though most people put off exercising or make excuses, it is never too late to start trying. Just because your mental state of mind says it is time to hibernate does not mean your body should physically do so, he said.

Ross has completed many triathlons and has intense daily routine workouts, especially when training for a meet. He sounded encouraging in regards to exercise and said anyone is capable of working up a sweat, no matter what condition a person is in.

So what’s the best way to cut down on fat? The avid triathlon participant simply said just a 30 to 40 minute cardio session could do the body good.

“I think the best way to cut down on fat is by doing low intensity workouts with long duration,” said Ross. “An example would be easy jogging for 30 minutes, or a say an easy swim and so forth.”

Not even an hour a day and you can begin your stairway to sleekness. And if the media has taught us anything, it’s that working out helps produce endorphins and endorphins make people happy.

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