Mitt Romney Caught Flip Flopping More Than A High School Cheerleader

Mitt Romney has been accused of flip flopping his views on important topics several times throughout this campaign and now there’s a comparative video to prove it.

Jed Lewison at Daily Kos noticed this habit of Gov. Romney and put together a video comparing the presidential candidate’s various speeches from earlier this year to what he had to say against President Obama during first presidential debate on Oct. 3.

At the Arizona primary debate in February, Romney said he was going to cut taxes on everyone – including the top one percent – by 20 percent. At the presidential debate, Romney went back on his previous statement saying he would not “reduce the taxes paid by high income Americans.”

Romney said during a press conference in June Obama wants to hire more fireman, more policemen, and more teachers and, if elected, he would cut back on government to “help the American people.” During the recent debate, Romney said he “rejects the idea” that he doesn’t “believe in great teachers or more teachers.”

Well, which is it, Gov. Romney? Make up your mind already!

Mr. Romney, there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind a hundred times if you can’t decide which tie to wear or which side to part your hair on, but when it comes to your presidential campaign, you have to have that thing pinned down with the thumbtack of consistency.

As of the writing of this story, Obama is winning with 196 electoral votes versus Romney’s 191, according to

Watch Lewison’s video of Romney debating himself below.


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