Fincher And Miller: Halo 4 Dream Team

It seems video games are on the up and up recently. David Fincher of “The Social Network” and the man behind Michael Cera’s terrible mustache via “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” Tim Miller, premiered an incredibly realistic trailer they created for “Halo 4.”

As if this game does not have nerdy little nuggets everywhere peeing their race car beds and superhero sheets, director Miller and producer Fincher added an element of actual reality to the trailer. We’ve come a long way since “Mario Party,” that’s for sure.

This trailer truly looks like a scene out of a movie, and the animation is incredible. While the robots look like … well … robots, it’s hard to remember the humans are actually computerized. Mad props to the “Halo 4” animation team.

This looks like a multi-million dollar budget movie trailer. Sike!

Not only does this hype up all Halo 4 enthusiasts, but having such big Hollywood names behind this trailer gives more incentive and conviction for a possible Halo movie to be made in the future.


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