Bikes And Treats

Attending the Clif Bar 2-mile challenge only satisfied my need for free stuff. Above that, it was also a great place to meet people. And although you might be thinking “meeting” people at a bike event might mean meeting the overly-fit, cardio gym rat, it was actually a gathering of different kinds of people, some of them in costumes (although our love of free things might have been the common denominator).

It started at Chipotle on Glenda Goodacre and Avenue X, where all attendants entered into a drawing to win actually cool stuff. It wasn’t run-of-the-mill LIVESTRONG bands and water bottles; three brand new bikes were given away alongside t-shirts, Chipotle gift cards (yum), Clif bars and bike accessories.

We biked to the following participating locations: University Fountains, Leonard’s, Which Wich, University Pointe, Village at Overton and Culture Clothing. By the end of our ride I had a lifetime supply of chocolate bars. They also gave us cookies, goody bags, sunglasses, coupons and t-shirts. That is what I call a fun trick or treat. I didn’t win the bike, but I don’t care – I had a great time with my friends.


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