Austin Police say, "It Gets Better"

“Before we put on our uniform, before we go to work protecting the citizens of Austin, we are a part of Texas … and we are gay.”

The Lesbian and Gay Peace Officers Association and the Austin Police Department finally put the idea of close-minded, bible-thumping Texans to rest with their own “It Gets Better” video.

Each of the participants is a homosexual member of the Austin Police Department who relive their coming out process and realization of their homosexuality.

“I knew I was different, but I didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with me,” one participant said.

The bravery required to come out and give a new face to the gay and lesbian community exceeds anything ever done before. To put police officers as the face of homosexual rights and the face of Texas, hopefully, will bring a new idea to the typical Texas conservatism.

It’s 2012. Why are we still protesting this stuff?






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